From young to old, urban to suburban everyone is wearing leggings. Since many years ago leggings have been worn, but now more than ever. Leggings have really evolved and are being seen in all types of colors, materials, and on all types of sizes.

Contrary to what many may believe, every size can wear leggings. There are many ways to wear leggings for them to keep there cute potential. A short frilly shirt with the basic black legging and heels is the cute, modest club attire for many girls. Now although that is cute you have to remember that everything is not for everyone. Not all body types can wear that outfit. Wearing a tunic length shirt, waist worn belt, and leggings is a perfect option for a full figured female. Having true style is all about being able to modify trends to your personal size and preferences.

Printed leggings and denim leggings are really trendy right now. Nevertheless the basic black whether lounging, working out, or hanging out is always in style. Bottom line is do you, but do it FLY!